WWDC16 Recap – All New iOS 10 Features

by Cornelia

It’s Apple season – no not those apples; the other one that you use Simpliday on – and their Worldwide Developers Conference is underway. The conference is held by Apple to showcase new software and technology to software developers.

The WWDC16 has officially begun and Apple has a lot of new information to share with everyone, from consumers to developers. Yesterday was all about the software and they had a ton of updates to show across all of their devices. These updates will be available in September.

They started the event off with the Apple Watch and its new watchOS 3. Apple gave us insight into what they are planning for the watch with heavier emphasis on health and user experience.


watchOS 3  for Apple Watch:

  • Track friends and family activity – to push more activities.
  • Apple pay directly from the watch.
  • Apps Dock with live view of apps before you open them.
  • Swipe up for a control center just like on on the iPhone.
  • Reply to messages with Scribble to quickly write hand write your messages.

Next up was the Apple TV – which recently saw an update to the hardware with the 4th generation of the product last October. They only touched on a few new features for the Apple TV, with a better overall customer experience.

tvOS for Apple TV:

  • Automatic app downloads across all Apple devices.
  • Dark mode with dark interface – better on your eyes at night.
  • iOS remote app new for iPhone – makes a keyboard available for easier typing.

They then moved onto Mac OS X which was rebranded as macOS. One of the biggest reveals – well everyone knew before WWDC – is that Siri is coming to macOS. If you ware wearing your Apple Watch you can easily open your MacBook and start using it without having to enter a password.

macOS for Mac:

  • Siri for macOS.
  • Picture in Picture video – Now you can continue to watch a video without having to be on the specific webpage.
  • Apple Pay for the websites makes it easier to shop – just authenticate payments with the TouchID on your iPhone or through your Apple Watch.
  • Auto unlock your macbook while wearing your Apple Watch.
  • Universal clipboard – Copy something on your iPhone and paste it while on your Macbook.
  • iCloud drive – “Any kind of file. On all your devices”.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.16.11 PM
The biggest section of the event was the update to iPhone and iPad with iOS 10. Starting with the Maps app they added live traffic, search for places to eat and added integration for apps, like Uber, to let you get a ride without having to leave the app. Something we really appreciate at Simpliday – app hopping is a thing of the past.

Messages was the last app covered and it has some very big updates. They added support to rich links to see what a link really is. Camera improvements that made sending images faster, emojis are 3x bigger, emoji predications and now you can automatically turn words into emojis. Speech bubbles have different effects depending on the mood and whole screen effects for each of these moods. Now that it is open to developers they can support stickers and directly into the messages app.

iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad:

  • Updated interactive lock screen.
  • Control Center pages.
  • Slide right to get widgets and slide left to get the camera from the lock screen.
  • Personalized home screen widgets.
  • Photos adds Map view to see where you took your photos.
  • Maps app completely redesigned with support for 3rd party developers.
  • Swift Playgrounds for iPad – Helping children learn to code.

They teamed up with Madefire – a comic book reader for iOS and tvOS – to put together a app review guideline. Gives us a more welcoming approach to all the information styled like a comic book. You can see the PDF here.

That was just the first day of the week. The event runs from now until June 17th and we are looking forward to more from WWDC16. Check out the iOS 10 preview page Apple put together for more information.