Write The Perfect 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

by Cornelia

Writing your new year’s resolutions is always a tricky one. We won’t write them for you but here are some tips that will help you set and keep your resolutions for 2017.


Less is more

When choosing what to achieve in the year to come, stick to 1-3 resolutions. It’ll be much easier to focus on a few big achievements than many small ones. Brainstorm, write down everything you want for yourself; do, have, finish, start. It can be a dream you’ve always had or just to start a habit. Write them all down and then chose the one(s) you want to focus on 2017.


Be realistic

Usually we’d say “aim for the stars”, but when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions that’s not the case. You should go for something that you can actually accomplish, if you aim too high you’ll end up with a broken resolution and a lower self-esteem. And we don’t want that for you! So, think it through before you decide what you want to achieve in 2017. Baby steps are still steps!

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Be specific

Don’t be vague when writing your resolutions. “I want to be a better person” doesn’t day much about what you actually can do or change. Give examples of things you want to achieve instead, it’ll be so much easier to keep your resolutions.


Sharing is caring

It’s proven that you are more likely to keep a commitment if you tell someone else what it is and when you’re supposed to do it. For example, you will get better training results with an exercise buddy than if you go to the gym by yourself. So get yourself a Resolution Buddy (or group) and encourage each other to achieve your 2017 resolutions!


It’s all about you

You can’t change anyone but yourself and this is accurate when making your resolutions too. If you for instance want to start dating, don’t make your resolution “I want to find a partner”, instead try something like “Go on more dates” or “Speak to more people at parties”.


Use a calendar

Referring to the previous blog post: if you don’t write it down it doesn’t exist. You need to put your resolutions somewhere you see them every day, suggestion: your calendar. Make it a part of your daily routine to follow up on how you’re doing. We promise, being exposed to your New Year’s Resolutions every day will increase the odds you’ll achieve them A LOT. Best of luck!