5 Tips to Consider During World Productivity Day

by Cornelia

World Productivity Day doesn’t sound like one of the most celebrated days in the calendar, but we can only see the long-lasting benefits for today. We are – as you know – a calendar app and productivity is a big part of how we want to help you in your everyday.

It just so happens that today also falls on the June Solstice. Today while the summer solstice occurs it will be the day of the year with the longest period of daylight.

We can take that opportunity this week to be as productive as possible. Now it doesn’t have to feel like work. You can always make it interesting.

1. Organize Your Space.

If it is your work desk, kitchen, car, or just your closet – we know once you have that clutter it becomes difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. Going through everything can be a hassle, but don’t worry because once you start the process you will see it is an enormous payoff. Do you really need those old records? You already have them on Spotify so probably not.

2. Setup your lunch the day before.

Why wait until the morning to start your day? Planning ahead can free up time in the future and give you more time for the things you want to do. We all use our leftovers maybe if we don’t have time to make dinner the following night. You can always use leftovers for something different for lunch the next day as well. Leftover grilled chicken can always be cut up and made into a sandwich the next day.

3. Eliminate stress in your day.

A stressful day can really impact your mood or the rest of the week. Sometimes it is okay to say no when you aren’t sure if you should do something. Saying yes to everything that comes up in your day can build on your stress. Take things one step at a time. Can you feel the difference yet?

4. Don’t Procrastinate.

If you can’t find the focus you need it could be something distracting you. Try not to check your social media accounts while you are at work. We know this is hard because it’s how we all keep in contact with each other. If you can keep away from it for just a moment and focus on your task at hand you will see how much faster, you can get things done.

5. Download Simpliday – No, Really!

We know, we know this looks like a shameless plug, but we truly believe this is a crucial step that will help you be more productive. Here in the office, we use the app daily and we have seen our productivity and planning increase with its use. We would not recommend it if we didn’t believe it ourselves! First off, the main focus is not app hopping like you would in the past. You now have your email, meetings and reminders all in the same place. We have integrated email and file sharing services into your meetings and reminders from the biggest names – Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud. You can find out more on our FAQ page.
Sometimes it is not just about being productive, but the rewards you earn from working so hard at it. Meaningful work can be ordinary but the effect is a huge payoff. For a team to be happy making sure they understand the importance of their role – this will make them feel better when they make progress. Go out and take advantage of this long day!