Why You Should Write Everything Down

by Cornelia

Write it all down. It is a common mistake to overestimate your brain’s ability of memorizing everything. Even if it is the business concept that will change your direction of life or what to shop for dinner, you can’t keep it all in your head. This doesn’t mean you’re not intelligent or don’t perform at a high level at work, it actually just proves that you are smart. And here is why:


I Write, Therefore I do

The moment you make a thought into something you can see, it exists. It is so much harder to ignore a reminder when it is staring you in the face. If you scheduled a workout for tonight and it is written down in your calendar, deleting that activity won’t feel so good, will it?

Less Stress

Writing it all down gives you an overview. You will see where you have gaps in your schedule and can plan ahead for everything you need to do in the hours, days or weeks to come.


Achieve Your Goals

As explained before, everything you write down becomes more important. So embodying your goals will significantly increase the chances of accomplishing all of your visions, dreams and aspirations.

Relieve Your Mental RAM

Thing of your memory as a browser with loads of tabs. Or an operating system with numerous programs open at the same time. If you keep opening programs or tabs your system will eventually collapse. Closing the things you don’t need will relieve the RAM of your computer, or your brain. Whenever you need to memorize something, write it down on your phone, let it go and focus on what’s next.

Don’t Risk Losing An Amazing Idea

Do you remember that scene from Mad Men where Paul Kinsey has an amazing telegram idea? Then he falls asleep, wakes up and his mind is completely blank. He can’t recall anything of what the concept was. He was sure he wrote it down but the note is nowhere to be found. This is a case in point of writing. stuff. down. Preferably digital so it is near at hand and you won’t have to spend hours searching for it.