The Simpliday Story

by Cornelia

“It all began in Malmö, Sweden” but how exactly? To get the full story behind the company I asked CEO and Co-founder Johan Gunnars some questions about the very beginning of the Simpliday journey.

How did you and Sebastian meet?
We met when Sebastian wanted an advisor for the company he was running back then.

What did you and Sebastian work with before Simpliday?

Sebastian was working with his company, handling documents in the cloud, and I had my company that helped other companies develop their offer and clarify the usefulness of the product to the customers.


How and why did you decide to start a new company?

We had very interesting meetings and wanted to develop something, however, Sebastian’s company went in another direction. I still thought we were interesting together, so we started from the technology that was available and looked at what we could do with it. At the same time we thought about what we wanted to take on as a new challenge. It came down to the calendar, since we both at the time had a habit of putting our to-dos next to our meetings, to get a complete overview. As it turned out, many were doing the same – so we decided to take on the calendar and see if we could make it into a modern tool in people’s everyday lives.

What made you take the leap to leave your job and go in for Simpliday?

Because it felt like we were an interesting team. Never before had we been so conceptive and creative as when we had the early business meetings.

How would you describe the step from an idea to a company?

  • Test your concept
    Are more people finding it a good idea or is it just us? Talk to people, do your research, analyze the existing market.
  • Agree on the ground rules
    Set the terms between you and your business partner in relation to the company.
  • Create a three year business plan
    Map everything to demonstrate a feasible concept.
  • Find the first investors
    Try to get experienced investors from the start so they can contribute with knowledge and requirements. No friends, fools or family – they won’t be a good indicator for whether the business is heading the right way or not.


What are your advice to people who are searching for a co-founder or have just found their business partner?
It’s all about the team and how you complement each other. Ensure you have a good team and you will work the rest out.