The Sunrise On a New Day, Simpliday

by Cornelia

Sunrise closes it’s doors on August 31st. We have your replacement!

When it comes to Calendars in the smart phone era we are all looking for something better than the norm. Apple’s iCal has been dead for years with no new major updates since the original iPhone. Google continues to add feature upon feature, but not focusing on what users really want.


This is where Sunrise enters the picture. We are not going to lie that we don’t also appreciate the their app and what it can do. Now with the sun setting on Sunrise we look forward to the alternatives. It has recently been pulled from the App Store and the 31st of August marks the last day it will be supported by the Sunrise team. We believe that as a Sunrise user you deserve a simple app with a beautiful interface and great productivity output.

The All-In-One Calendar now for iPad

The All-In-One aspect of Simpliday is one where we bring together your meetings, reminders, and email side-by-side to make sure nothing is missed. This clear and straight-to-the-point approach gives you overview you need to be better prepared for what’s ahead. We believe Simpliday would be a great alternative to Sunrise. Not when it comes to features as Sunrise demonstrated very well, but with the beautiful look and simplicity of use.

This month, we are happy to announce we will see the release of Simpliday on iPad. We have been working to make sure it provides the same quality and simplification from the iPhone version. Now that it has been designed for your iPad, we have added an updated week view, and a beautiful overview in month view.


As a Sunrise user, having Simpliday on iPhone and iPad provides that added accessibility to work where you want and how you want. This is the flexibility needed in any home or work office. When everyone’s go to calendar sets on the 31st of August – Simpliday will be there to rise to the occasion.

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