Summer tips for your Skatteåterbäring

by Cornelia

It’s Skatteåterbäring season in Sweden! We wanted to share some tips on how you can use your refund. Don’t worry, we have great tips for those who are on a tighter budget this summer.

Tips on if you are trying to save:


  • Summer is already upon us, and what better way to enjoy the beach and sun than visiting Gotland in Sweden? You can go on cheap road trips to places resembling a tropical paradise. One of the best things to do is take a long bike ride around the coast or soak up some sun on the beach.
  • Warmer weather is upon us and we all want to go out and enjoy it, but without breaking the bank. You can always check out Malmö Festival or Kulturfestivalen in Stockholm. There are events all around the country that are offering free entries.
  • A great way to save is to look for hostels in the area you will be vacationing. What you save not having to pay for a fancy hotel can be made up in drinks! Book now because you are running out of time. The earlier it is the more you can save! Skål!


Tips with your Skatteåterbäring:


  • Enjoying your summer in Sweden is very easy when you have that extra cash burning a hole in your pocket. You can check out Gotland during Stockholmsveckan. We’ve heard that Gotland is Sweden’s Greek island. From skydiving to playing golf on one of the seaside golf courses – Gotland has it all.
  • Going to a festival is on many to do lists for this summer. If you are planning on going to Iceland why not go to Secret Solstice festival. Heading to Barcelona – why not check out the Sonar festival? Explore the cities during the day and spend your night enjoying some of the best music in the world.
  • You received your Skatteåterbäring – why are you still looking at 3 star hotels? You deserve that 5-star all-inclusive package. You will know it’s worth it when you are on your 5th mojito lounging by the pool. If you want to stay somewhere really nice book your hotels now because time is running out. Skål!