Simpliday <3 - A Love Story

by Cornelia

This Valentine’s Day we are proud to present our newest partner:!


Quality food, curiosity and more free time

We’ve all been there; you’re running late at work, you were supposed to cook and buy wine for tonight’s dinner, and now you’re in the shower while your guests are on their way to your apartment. is a service that is a definite life saver at many times, but also a tool for exploring. They offer a wide range of the best restaurants and shops in your neighborhood and the interface is great for browsing for new experiences. They will cook for you, they will do your grocery shopping and even your laundry – the concept of aligns very well with a simpler everyday.

Outsourcing Household Tasks

The way we are living our lives is changing. In the future; houses will be built without kitchens (or we will be sharing them with others) and people will run part-time restaurants from their flats – we are in the process of adapting to this new way of life. This is why services like is a highly topical product, creating opportunities for work while simplifying lives.

Match made in heaven

We are constantly trying to improve our product – to make it more efficient and smart. focuses on exactly these values and they offer a service that is beyond effective for busy people. This is why we think our partnership can lead to great things in the future. Our main goal at Simpliday is to simplify your days, make it easier to plan and smarter to realize. We are everyday helping people around the globe to organize their work and personal lives. With further development and future integrations we are hoping to make our app even more incisive and sharp. Stay tuned for more updates in the app!