Simpliday Update – Now We Speak Spanish

by Cornelia

We have some big news about Simpliday! With our most recent update we are now available in 23 countries and in 5 different languages. Spanish is the most recent to be added. ¡Hola, Amigos!

We named the most recent update “Thomas Edison”. As our community and user base continues to grow we take inspiration from the efforts of Edison. We would like to think that if he were alive today he would either have a very successful startup or run something to the equivalent of Google, Facebook or Apple.

The Phonograph, motion picture camera, long-lasting electric light bulb – these are just a few of the ground-breaking inventions he discovered. Not only that, but the prolific inventor holds 1,093 US patents in his name, as well as United Kingdom, France and Germany. He was dubbed “The Wizard of Menlo Park” and all for good reason. His life was best remembered as the inventor, but what many don’t know about are his efforts for mass production. Edison was one of the first inventors to apply principles of mass production and large-scale teamwork when processing inventions.




You can see all the updates to the app below.


New features:

– introducing fancy invitations for reminders – You’re now able to share fancy reminders with your family, friends and colleagues
– new background images – introducing new beautiful images to make your calendar even more personal
– suggestion search when adding URL (link) to meetings and reminders – It has never been more intuitive and easy to add links to Meetings and Reminders
we have localized language in Spanish – “Hola, amigos!”
– introducing Premium features
– as a Premium user you will be able to use fancy premium invitations; – choose premium background images; – categorize your reminders; -add multiple email accounts; – add any document to your Meetings & Reminders.

All existing registered users will receive premium accounts as being with us from the very start.

Fixes and improvements:

– smooth transition when swiping to left right between days with shadow animation
– auto enable fancy invitation banner when user selects sms or facebook channel
– improved experience when creating a new reminder
– improved experience when scrolling up & down for the same day in timeline
– improved experience rendering new meetings & reminders in timeline
– bug fix app when the app goes into background settings and user taps on an image consistently
– bug fix in week view event when changing phone orientation
– bug fix when saving sometimes reminders are created twice (duplicate)
– bug fix for email list when deleting messages
– bug fix when updating already imported reminders in the native reminder app
– bug fix for current timeline indication that sometimes disappeared for some seconds after swiping to left or right in timeline

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– Simpliday Team