Simpliday Now With Fancy Invitations and New Languages

by Cornelia

Simpliday Update With Fancy Invitations and New Languages!


Marie Curie was an innovator when it came to the study of radiation. She used an innovative technique to systematically investigate samples. She discovered Polonium and Radium the former named after here home country of Poland. Because of these discoveries she won a nobel prize – the first person and only woman to win twice. We have systematically tested the apps capabilities and we believe these tests are bringing improvement to your everyday use of Simpliday. Through this vigorous testing she gave us an understanding of testing – trial and error. This is why we decided to call this update Marie Curie.  Below is a list of all the new features and bug fixes.

New features & design:


  • new start screen
  • localized languages for Swedish, Danish and Norwegian
  • new main view & timeline with improved algorithms
  • renewed design for all day events & reminders
  • renewed design for meetings and reminders (Todos)
  • updated design for main view timeline
  • updated design for week view in landscape mode
  • updated design for application settings
  • Finally! – Fancy Invitations – now meeting invites are fun to use; just pressing on the envelope icon when creating your meeting will make your event more personal


Fixed issues & bugs:


  • meeting events bug – created by Apples EK-EventStore – is fixed. This stopped some users from seeing meeting events in the timeline.
  • sync import and undo import of native reminders. When importing native reminders some users experienced delays and duplicate reminders.
  • disable reminders import.
  • marking a reminder as done works from the phones notification center.
  • remind me in 2 hours works from phone notifications center when swiping a meeting event.

Do you have any questions or feedback for us? Head over to our FAQ page for or contact us directly:

You can download the app here.