Rides in the calendar

by Anas Khraillah

Business value

Transportation has always been closely knit to the calendar, where getting to and from different events is part of the everyday puzzle. By integrating the Uber API into Simpliday, we make it easier for the users to order and schedule rides to and from their events – directly from within the calendar. Also, we let them know when it’s the best time to leave in order to make it in perfect time to the next meeting. Rides simplified.

Tech highlights

Simpliday is a unified interface as iOS app for calendar, reminder and emails. We have developed Simpliday’s API based upon the core belief that interactions between calendar, reminder and email data should be made simple. All this by providing a unified endpoint inside our API that is calling in this case Ubers API to generate smart ride recommendation.

Working with User Scenarios

When designing the user experience for the Uber integration we worked a lot with user scenarios – especially looking at how busy people’s needs change over the course of the day based on changing schedules and meetings that extend the booked meeting time. So the design challenge of the experience has been to match the needs of the busiest users. Why? Because they value their time highly and have no problem paying for simplifying services.

Uber API & the Calendar

Simpliday’s integrations with Uber provides data exchange on several levels that enriches user data and user experience. With access to Uber’s extended API scopes we are able to build a personal and effective functional value that makes a big difference for our users.

The data exchange between calendar events contain data that we process and parse inside our algorithms and later expose in real time towards Uber API. The processing phase takes into consideration timestamps, location, semantic processing and an abstract layer of historical, actual and upcoming events data inside each time sequence for offering recommendations actions towards users.

Uber services and it’s robust API gave us the flexibility to deliver a complete integration together with a great experience towards our users. By a simple tap we are now able to assist our users with a better planning of their day, leaving the scheduling and commuting to our algorithms that will provide a personal experience based upon preferences and behaviour to get in time and style at the new upcoming event.