Your everyday simplified and the calendar

by Anas Khraillah

Simpliday puts all of your day in one place – family, work and friends – meetings, reminders and email – all of your messy and glorious day in the same place. That give you a great overview of your day.

We started by observing our own behavior while working into the calendar; a meeting is just not enough. There were plenty of action points that have never been completed to do app hopping between different interfaces and devices. The idea to introduce Todos beside meetings in the same interface came really natural and the calendar just got promoted

Todos are either scheduled in the timeline or put on hold in the save for later list – it’s that simple!

We have made it super-easy to schedule and re-schedule your day, since we have noticed that things tend to change. Simply drag-’n-drop a todo to where you want it in the timeline, or put it in the save it for later list comes as a natural extension of your everyday behavior when dealing with action points.

Next important habit that we identified is that your everyday commitments does not only come from your calendar. Those below to many other context; one of those is your email. Your inbox is really a mix of meetings, todos, information and spam. That’s why we have made it real easy to turn an email into a todo or a meeting. Simply swipe on it or drag-’n-drop it in timeline and make it into what it really is.

But what would your next calendar be without a serious touch of personalization. Personalize your day! Whatever puts a smile on your face or makes you happy, relaxed or anxious – now you can finally put the image of your choice in the background of your day. Just because you have a tough day, it doesn’t mean it has to look awful.

Those are just a few of our take on your next calendar.
Let us know what would you like to see inside your personalized calendar?