Pokemon Go – Now Available In Sweden!

by Cornelia


We guess you’ve heard about Pokemon Go by now. You know, the new Nintendo app that is making adults run around like they’re 10 again to catch fake monsters on streets, buses, graveyards, other people – well yes, everywhere. And guess what? It’s now FINALLY released in Sweden.

You might be thinking what is Pokemon? Why is a Simpliday – a calendar app – talking about Pokémon Go? Well, we have the answer to all those questions and more.

To start it off here is a brief history of Pokémon. It is actually short for Pocket Monsters, which was a television show from Japan that started back in 1996. It grew enormously with popularity and they brought spin-offs like a full on card battle game and Nintendo Gameboy game. In the game you would collect these Pokémons and train them so you could battle other trainers like yourself.

Now enough about the history! What you want to know about is why everyone has turned into Pokémaniacs.


What kids and adults have done with the game for years has finally come to life in a real world environment. Pokémon GO was created by Niantic Labs – a former internal startup at Google – with the help of The Pokémon Co. It is a reality game where the real world and game interact with each other in a new way. In one week it has already been download 15 million times. It launched in the US and Australia, but that didn’t stop people all over the world from switching their phones to US app store just to get their hands on it.

Here is what you need to know to play Pokémon Go.

You can finally walk around your city searching for Pokémon and collecting them so you can battle with other trainers. As you walk around you will see these specific landmarks around on your map called Pokéstops. These Pokéstops are locations in the game where players can collect supplies. A small landmark you may not have paid attention to in the past is now a very important part of your day. We played it in Copenhagen and while walking around the city found that the grave site of – famous Danish poet and writer – Hans Christian Anderson was one of these Pokéstops. Thanks for those great stories Hans, and the Pokéballs too!


Then we have Pokémon Gyms, they play a crucial part because they are strategically located around cities for people to defend with their Pokémon. The White House for example is now a Pokémon Gym. So local residents and tourists from around the world have been battling for that gym since the game was released. It hs even been rumored that Obama could be in on the action.

This craze has made Nintendo’s stock surge, adding a 9 Billion dollar (USD) value to the company in less than a week. It has made people get out and walk just to play – making them “accidentally” exercise. We see a tremendous value in this little app. Especially with the news of groups meeting up just to play together, it has now become a social activity.

Pokémon Go events are showing up everywhere across the globe.

When we added Fancy Invitations to Simpliday we set out to bring a little beauty to your events and reminders. With these Pokémon Go events growing in size and frequency we believe you can make them a little personal when you plan your own. Recently a friend of mine started a local pub crawl in northern Brooklyn that caught on like wild fire and inspiring more events. Even local businesses are getting into this event.

Here is an example of that:


We are super excited that Pokémon Go has finally been released in Sweden. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and catch ‘em all!