Naps, Do They Really Improve Your Alertness?

by Cornelia

Naps are great, right? If you have a moment to take one why wouldn’t you, but what are the benefits of taking a nap? You might ask “how can a nap really make me more productive or give you improved alertness?”.

Don’t forget naps don’t make up for missed sleep or poor quality nighttime sleep. These are just tips to improve your alertness or performance when you start to slow down.

One of the most famous people behind napping, Salvador Dali, was a pioneer in micro napping. He was quoted saying that a extremely brief nap is “needed for your physical and psychic being to be revivified by just the necessary amount of response”.

The technique “Slumber with a key” was featured in his own book; Salvador Dali: 50 Secrets of Magic Craftmanship.

Here are the steps to take for a micro nap:

  1. 1. Sleep sitting upright in a chair.
  2. 2. Hold a key in your hand.
  3. 3. Relax and fall asleep.
  4. 4. As you fall asleep, you will drop your key.
  5. 5. The sound wakes you up inspired and refreshed.

This technique might not be effective for everybody. Here are 3 different types of napping to see what works best for you.


Having a planned nap involves taking a nap before you start to get sleepy. You can try this for when you know you will be up later than your normal bed time. This helps from getting tired earlier than you planned.

Emergency napping happens when you cannot continue with your activity because you are suddenly very tired. This is very crucial to use when you get drowsy while driving or while using heavy machinery.

Forming a habitual nap is when a person takes a nap the same time every day. Most notable are when babies or young children fall asleep during the day. You can tell when the kids don’t take a nap they get cranky. So, if you can why not try to take a short nap during your lunch break each day.


  • A short nap of 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Not to take a nap late in the day. Napping late in the day can effect your bedtime routine.
  • Your enviorment will impact how you nap. Make sure it is quiet and peaceful.

It has even been said that it is more useful than drinking coffee for caffeine. Yes, you heard that right. Naps are better for you when you compare it to coffee with caffeine. This is due to the side affects which is the crash you get from caffenatied beverages.

Napping has many stigmas, but from the information we provided it has many benefits. If not for just productivty or alertness but for health issues as well.

Benefits of naps:

  • Restore alertness, enhance performance and reduce mistakes and accidents.
  • Increases alertness in the period right after the nap and may extend few hours later in the day.
  • Habitual naps can been prescribed for those who are affected by narcolepsy.


Take a look at this video of former US President Bill Clinton dosing off during a event. He would have been refreshed if he just took quick nap.