Lindbergh Update Is Now Live

by Cornelia

The latest update is named after the great inventor, social activist and aviator Charles Lindbergh. What he had achieved over his lifetime inspires us to modify Simpliday for you – the everyday hero.

We are very excited about this update because we have swept around the app and cleaned up a few pesky bugs. Not only does the app run more efficiently but we tweaked a few graphics and design elements for e-mail and Facebook calendar events.

All day Reminders – you’re now able to create all day Reminders that are displayed with a black label beside your all day events. This will be across the app and even on your desktop calendar – after configuration.

You can see a more detailed view of what the update has to offer below:

  • Improved logic for import/sync of native iOS Reminders – you are able to easily revert the process of importing native reminders
  • Reviewed navigation in day-by-day, week and month view – it makes perfect sense
  • Facebook calendar events just got some design updates
  • Graphics and Design updates for email
  • Bugs fixes related to import on native iOS Reminders
  • Bug fixes related to landscape mode
  • Bug fixes for saving meetings events and Reminders
  • Simple tracking of support tickets – introducing inbox for support tickets that makes it easy to follow up with the support team directly

We encourage feedback on the app and would love to hear from you. As we said you can open a support ticket from the app now or visit our revamped FAQ page for more information.