How To Survive January

by Cornelia

This is your January survival guide. January is known for being the poorest and darkest month of the year. Nights are long and wallets are thin. We have put together a survival kit for these last weeks of the month. Whether you’re broke or feeling that winter depression sneaking up on you; Do Not Despair.


Treat Yourself

Going back to work after winter holidays can be exhausting. Buy a chocolate bar, put on your favorite podcast and take a long, relaxing bath. Treating yourself isn’t always connected to consuming, a real treat could be visiting that psychologist you were to busy to go to last year. Listen to your body and give yourself a break!


Lunch Box

Just because it’s January and you’re poor as a church mouse doesn’t mean you have to survive on water and bread. BYO lunch! More money than you would imagine is spent on buying lunch instead of cooking it yourself. Let’s say you pay five times more for that chicken tikka masala, and if we multiply that amount with as many times you eat out for lunch it adds up to quite a bit. Pro tip: Spicy lentil soup with rice is easy to cook and (almost) always tastes as good as if you’re at an Indian restaurant.



Netflix > Cinema

Wrapping yourself up in blankets and lighting candles on a cold January evening can be at least as cozy as going to the movies. And so much cheaper! Who knew saving money could be so enjoyable?



Dinner At Home vs. Eating Out

As pointed out before, staying home comes with unexpected advantages. Here are some examples of things you can do when eating at your casa that would be less appropriate at a restaurant; Choose your own music, wear whatever to the dinner table and go for a second, third and fourth round of food.

Romantic evening with wine


Book Something To Look Forward To

When times are dark you need something to keep you going. It could be a weekend to Budapest or an afternoon yoga class later this week. Sometimes just planning ahead gives you energy to survive January. Set up dinner plans for tonight with your friends and don’t worry, days are already getting longer and spring isn’t too far away!