How To Be A Tourist In Your Own City

by Cornelia

The beginner’s guide to being a tourist in your own city. You may think you know your city, you’ve walked every street a thousand times and know every corner and block. Sorry to break it to you, you don’t. Cities are changing constantly and pop up stores or restaurants/food trucks and contemporary happenings are almost everywhere. Whether you’re into art, music, food or other activities – with the right research you will experience your city in a new way.


Google Is Your Friend

Yes, there’s a thing called The Internet. We recommend googling “Best restaurants in …”, “… City Guide” or maybe “Free activities in …” and insert your city’s name. If you follow any bloggers that are based in your city, they most definitely will have some sort of guide about it.


Break A Pattern

Biking the exact same way home from work/school everyday makes your brain lazy and numb. However, choosing a different path will create new connections in your brain – to help you be more creative. Plus, you might find your new favorite local café or store by accident.




Do Lonely Planet Research

Tripadvisor, Lost In, Vagabond, The Guardian and many other travel focused sites offer a broad range of city guides and most of them are pretty up to date. They get tips from locals on a regular basis and they are after all travel experts.


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Shoes Were Made For Walking

Car is a big no no when it comes to being a tourist for reasons you can figure out for yourself. Experiencing your city as a pedestrian is by far the most interesting way. You’re not restricted by parking your vehicle or worrying about filling up the gas. We suggest you put on comfortable shoes, bring a water bottle and sunglasses. (PS. biking works too)


Ask Your Locals

Talk to other citizens. Ask a friend, ask your mother or ask a stranger. They surely will have some unmissable spots where you still haven’t been.




Check Those Geotags

Again, web based research is the quickest way to find what you’re looking for. Check instagrammers who are based in your city, where do they hang out? Where do they eat? Drink? Hang out on a Sunday?