Essential Guide to Football Now That UEFA 2016 Is Over

by Cornelia

UEFA Euro 2016 may be over for now, but don’t let the air out of those footballs just yet.

Portugal has taken the title this Euro 2016. It was a tough match with cards being thrown around left and right – and the injury to Christiano Ronaldo left leg that took him out 20 minutes into the match. It’s all said and done now. We figured that you, like most of us, are now in Football withdrawl, but fear not as Europe leagues are starting soon.

Premier League
13th of August 2016 – 21st of May 2017

First on our list is the British Premier League, now just Premier League, starts the 13th of August. Leicester City are the defending champions of the title and they will have some interesting company while defending the title. Lots of attention has been brought up this summer with Zlatan Ibrahomovic moving to Manchestered Unitied and José Mourhino taking the role of Untiteds new coach.

After the recent corruption and tax fraud convictions against Messi it is rumored he could be quitting Barcelona and moving to Chelsea. Great news for Chelsea – if its true – but awful news for La Liga.

La Liga
21st of August 2016 – 21st of May 2017

Set your reminder now for La Liga which starts August 21st and will run until May 21st 2017. Barcelona are the defending champions of the title. With those rumors we mentioned earlier it would be interesting what will happen with Messi going into the new season. His loss with Argentina against Chile – during the Copa America cup – proved to be his last international play with the team. Now that Ronaldo has won the Euro 2016 final with Portugal could that give him the momentum to take La Liga this season?

Fixtures for the season will be announced July 15th. Be on the look out for those!

26th of August 2016 – 26th of May 2017

With a devastating lose to France – in what most people were saying should have been the Final match of the Euro 2016 – Germany has a lot to reflect upon. The current champs Bayern Munich have a lot on their plate this season. Rumors now hint at Mario Gotze making a possible change up to Premier League with his most recent lackluster performance for the German national team.

Serie A
21st of August 2016 – 28th of May 2017

Juventus are the returning champions for Serie A. It was announced that Serie A was selected by the International Football Association Board to test video replays. These will be tested privately for the 2016-17 season before they allow them to go live in the 2017-18 season.

Gaston del Castillo, Sergio Aguero’s brother, will be in Serie A this upcoming season with Crotone who was recently promoted to Serie A. It will be an interesting season with his addition. Will he continue the legacy his brother started in Serie A this season?


Ligue 1 – France

12th August 2016 – 23rd of April 2017

France had a great Euro 2016 until that final match with Portugal, but they have a lot to look forward to. Who will fill the spot of Zlatan in Ligue 1, will Paris Saint Germaine play that same without him? With the rumors flying around so easily it’s not hard to see how Paul Pogba, who plays for the French national team is being tapped to possibly play for Manchester United with Zlatan. Not only that but Matuidi could be leaving PSG for a home at United as well. We will have to wait till August to know, but mark your calendars now. It will be a great season for every country.
Honorable Mentions:

Champions league
13th of September – 3rd of June 2017

The Drawing for the group stages will be on August 25th 2016 so mark your calendars now!

World Cup 2018
14th of June – 15th of July

Though we are roughly two years away from the World Cup in Russia we still have a long way to go. The qualifying is on going right now with more to continue before the end of 2017.