Earhart release available from 1st of April

by Anas Khraillah

We are really proud to reach this important milestone in our roadmap.

Thanks to the great engagement and massive feedback from our users are we now able to release a new completely redesigned version of Simpliday.

We chose to call it Earhart after the inspiring aviation pioneer and author.
Amelia Earhart was first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean – we love and celebrate daring spirits and inspiring people.


In this major release we introduce a new rage of features that we hope you will like.
Some of the highlights include;

  • New design for timeline, meetings and reminders – it looks better and it is now easier to read and rearrange meetings and reminders
  • Support for offline reminders, they can now be easily created without having Internet access
  • Location-based reminders – create a reminder and be notified in the place you choose. At the pharmacy, supermarket, at home, at work or anywhere else you get your stuff done.
  • Recurring reminders – create recurring reminders for the stuff that keeps coming back – day after day, week after week or month after month
  • Import native iOS reminders – easily import your iOS Reminders – in the right color and everything!
  • Updated email experience – the email part has been redesigned from scratch to match the new experience
  • Landscape mode – just flip your device to landscape mode and a 5day week-view will display. This gives you a great overview of your week.
  • We now introduce Simpliday reminders in the Mac desktop/laptop calendar you already use. Activate the magic by going to -> Settings/My Calendars “Email me the configuration settings”. In your Mac calendar App you will then find a new calendar called “Simpliday Reminders”. Here you can create/see/delete reminders in the same way you do in the Simpliday App. Meetings and reminders side-by-side, in your Simpliday App and in your Mac. Finally.
  • FAQ is updated with useful information that will help you discover and utilize the simplicity and power of Simpliday
  • A new support service has been integrated in order to give you a better and faster experience when things don’t go as planned
  • We have also work on making the interaction smoother and softer

We are really excited about this update, we could almost call it a new app.
Please let us know how you like it!