Di Digital – English

by Anas Khraillah

Below is the Di Digital article on recent investment of Simpliday in Sweden translated into English.

Klarna profile invests in Swedish calendar service – Launches in the US

Malmö Company Simpliday brings together calendars, reminders and email – both private and work-related – in one app. With the service, they want to give the user a better overview of all their personal commitments, but also allow the user to share commitments to other people.

“The big corporations, with Google as the one exception, are hopelessly behind when it comes to this type of service. I’m just happy – as long as Apple treats its calendar app in such a negligent manner,” says Johan Gunnars, CEO and Co-founder of Simpliday.

The company was founded two years ago by Johan Gunnars and Sebastian Mutsson and during the last two years
they have been developing the service – having built an ecosystem around it. During last year they released the app in

Canada and according to Johan Gunnars they are starting to get a good user base there. Therefore the company has just closed a 7.1 million Swedish Kronor round. Within a month, the service will be launched in the US and the money will mainly go to marketing.

“The US is the main market when it comes to productivity,” says Johan Gunnars.

w1080The investment comes from existing investors, such as Pia Althin and Ulf Ljunggren, but also from new investors, among others, Mikael Wintzell and Wellstreet Partners.

“For us, this investment was a must-do for two reasons, the team behind Simpliday as well as the exceptional user experience. Both are just phenomenal. Add a bold expansion plan, a successful beta phase with interesting business models and it’s no secret that this will be a very exciting journey.” says Mikael Wintzell.

Altogether Simpliday has now had just over 16 million Swedish kroner invested in three rounds of financing.

“It is to my knowledge few Swedish startups have raised the same amount of capital without first releasing a product on the market. I see it as a sign that we are on to something great.” says Johan Gunnars.

The service is free, but in conjunction with the US launch, A / B testing of four different revenue models will be initiated.

“It is four different types of freemium models where we want to find different models to suit different types of users,” says Johan Gunnars.


Here is the link to the original article in Swedish.