Copenhagen – Places to Visit Off The Tourist Bike Path

by Cornelia

You have some time to explore the city more in-depth. Here are a few tips and places to visit for your weekend in Copenhagen.

Typically a list of things to do in a popular city like Copenhagen would be mostly tourist driven events and sights. We thought if you were planning a nice time in this wonderful city then why not add a few places that are off the bike path.


Torvehallerne is located just outside of the shopping area of the city by Nørreport Station. This setup looks small from the outside but once you get inside you can see they are choices from around 80 different shops.

If you want to shop for local produce, fresh fish, Danish delicacies, or Japanese specialties then this is your new favorite food market. This is a place enjoyed mostly by locals – you can stop here to have lunch in this “Culinary hot spot” as reported by the NY Times – while on your way to the hipster heaven Norrebro.


This part of Copenhagen is hip and off the normal city path. If you checked out Torvehallerne and want to explore more of where the native Danes spend their time then this is the place for you, but make sure you walk along the Dronning Louises Bro. This bridge, especially in the spring and summer is littered with Danes soaking in the sun and a beer.

While on your way up to Norrebro you can pass by the Assistens Cemetery and even visit the grave site of the famous writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen. If you play Pokemon Go his grave is a Pokestop, but be respectful!

When you arrive at Norrebro you are welcomed by Superkilen which is a kilometer-long park home to 60 nationalities. This is said to be the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in the all of Copenhagen. In the spring/summer season you can expect to see great food and events appearing every weekend.

A photographer had a similar image as the one above was picked for Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” series of photos. With the ads being put up across the the world. It helped put Superkilen on more of peoples map. You can read more about it here.


Papirøen (Paper Island)

This is the first and only street food market in Copenhagen. It is filled with food trucks serving food from all over the world. The delicious food can be enjoyed in the large hall or outside overlooking the city’s waterfront. Oddly enough it is the tourists who end up telling Danes about this location in Copenhagen. Just outside of the Nyhavn area and by the waterfront. One of the stand out dishes we came across and loved was the juicy fatty Duck Burger from Duck It – the name says it all. For a dessert we highly recommend the Creme Brûlée donut with vanilla ice cream. You will get a sugar rush so have some water near by.


The main message for Papirøen is that they wanted to bring a cheap street food market to Copenhagen that must be sustainable. This means for example the ingredients don’t come from far away – they are mostly locally sourced. This reduces emissions on delivery and a gives us a refreshing taste from the fresh produce used in the ingredients. With it being on the waterfront you can’t help but take advantage the Pokestops in the area – thats if you are looking for water type Pokemon.

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium

Not that many people outside of the city actually know about this café. This is the most special of all specialty cafes. It’s called a laboratory for starters which we can better explain. They roast, brew and serve their organic coffee with passion. It’s the brewing techniques and skillful baristas that give this café it’s special touch. The methods are V60, Chemex, and Syphon or Vac Pot to name a few.  If you are really interested about the methods and want to learn how to do it yourself, then give them a call before you go to sign up for classes.

You can take a tour on Google Maps if you want to see it before you visit.


This Copenhagen staple club for concerts and DJs is celebrating their 20 year anniversary this year. Over the years they have had big names like, David Bowie, Prince, Bjork, Blur, Foo Fighters and more come through their doors. They usually have some of the freshest artists around the world hitting up Vega. Check out who is performing beforehand because this could be the only venue on a artists tour passing through Denmark. They have a great feature on their site where it scans your Spotify library to see if any artist you listen to will be performing at their venues.


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Originally the museum started as a home for modern Danish art. Within the first few years founder, Knud W. Jensen, decided to change it from a mostly Danish collection, to a international museum with more commonly known works of art.

Since this change it has put the Louisiana museum on a higher level than most well known respectable Danish museums and those abroad. In a place where it was tough for even Danish artists to be in Danish museums – he managed to do just that with Louisiana.

The level of respect and mixture of all mediums from architecture, design, photography, film and others put Lousianan on par with – most notably – The MoMA in New York.


A restaurant where everything they serve is porridge. A grandma’s heaven if you will – Grød was established in 2011 and is another Nørrebro staple in Copenhagen. As they say “The goal was simple: to redefine porridge, and to show the world that porridge can be delicious, delicate and versatile”.

It’s as simple as that! What intrigues people to this growing business – now in four locations – isn’t just the delicious porridge but the cookbook, toppings and over all enviorment. Take a look at the image below – this isn’t your grandma’s porridge. 🙂