Talks On The Future Of The Calendar

by Cornelia


We’re not in the calendar business, we’re in the business of changing the world standard of how people interact with their day


The 12th to 16th of September, Simpliday was one out of two start-ups globally to be invited as observers to CalConnect – the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium’s annual conference in Dresden. The organization is a non-profit partnership between suppliers of calendars and planning systems and tools as well as users of these systems.

In conjunction with the conference, our CTO & Co-founder Sebastian Mutsson shared our thoughts and work on the All-In-One Calendar and stated our ambitions regarding the future development of the user experience – all based on today’s chaotic everyday for the users. In connection to this, we were offered to become members of the organization and is now one of 26 members worldwide – alongside Google, Apple and Oracle.

For us, this is an acknowledgment of that our theories have a bearing, and at the same time it makes it easier for us to develop innovative calendaring and scheduling solutions. As a member, we can discuss one-to-one with the best experts in the world – the individuals who wrote the calendar protocol to begin with.


About the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium
The purpose of the organization is to improve all aspects of calendars and scheduling, but especially interoperability. This is done by improving existing standards and developing new standards. The organization collaborates with other organizations with similar goals and host regular conferences where engineers and customers meet and interact in a collegial atmosphere.

Even though formally it is not linked to the organization that sets the standards, virtually all the important calendar and scheduling related standards over the last five years have been written, edited, and / or co-edited by members of the CalConnect technical committee.

Other members include AOL, Oracle, Google, Apple, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California and more.