Best Activities To Do This Father’s Day

by Cornelia

Father’s Day is right around the corner in the US. Have you planned anything to do with your dad? Buying a tie every year can become quite dull.

Every dad is unique, and we think we can provide a great activity to enjoy with your father on his special day. We have some ideas you can plan for this weekend.


Going fishing is an easy way to bond with with your father. The calm and quiet can be very relaxing way to escape the everyday hustle. It’s not that often you get to share some time in outdoors in nature.


Why not start a tradition? Going camping is a fun activity because you can step away from your computer and your phone – at least until you have finished using Simpliday. The lessons you learn here are always something you can pass down to your own kids in the future.

Did you know you can use corn chips to start a fire? #DayHacks


A great gift and fun for everyone, go-kart racing is gives you an opportunity to treat your father but still show off your skills at the same time. We aren’t saying you should let him win the race, but it is his day so I guess we are saying it – let him win.

Dinner at Home

You can always go out for dinner, but why not cook for him instead? We aren’t talking frozen dinners either. Make the best of the situation – great way to catch up and it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive.

Travel – Road Trip

The open road. Heading out somewhere together even if its just a few hours away can be great. It’s not so much about just the destination, but the time you have heading there. Load up your Spotify with his favorite songs and kick out the jams with your dad!

Beer Tasting

This is the best occasion to hit up a local brewery or distillery to pair some great food with the best alcoholic beverages. This is a grown-up way to get some time in with your dad. When he finds something he really likes you can always buy it after as an added bonus for the day.