9 Ways To Make Summer Last Longer

by Cornelia

Winter is’nt coming. Here’s a beginners guide to getting the most out of summer: Summer is not over and here’s what to do to make it last longer.

You, and everyone else, are starting to feel that summer is coming to an end – even though it just started! Stay calm, we have put together a to-do-list for saving your summer feeling. There are more summer days and summer nights to come.


  1. Make A Bucket List

    To get the most out of this summer, make sure you write down everything you want to see, feel, do and experience. In this way, you’ll make sure you’re not going to be disappointed when the leaves start falling.


  1. Take Late Vacation

    In Sweden, everyone knows the weather sucks in june. And in july. Just take your vacation as late as you can. The chance of you getting that fresh summer tan will be so much better, plus, when everyone else is getting back to work – your vacation has just begun.


  2. Keep A Journal

    You might not think you’re doing that much during lazy summer days. Keeping a journal will help you keep track of activities, friends you met, dinners you had and so on. Pro tip: Keep your summer bucket list here too, so that you’re constantly reminded of all the fun things to come.


  3. Escape The City

    Nothing beats the countryside in summer. The second you get out there it’s like your soul is calm and your problems distant. You know what I’m talking about, so book a ticket and go.


  4. Go To Concerts

    What feels more like summer than going to a concert with your friends? It doesn’t even have to be a festival, it could be something local, like, a live band in a park. Check your local newspaper to see what’s happening this weekend in your city.


  1. Bring Dinner Outside

    One of the biggest perks of summer is undoubtedly picnics. Cook at home, put everything in a basket, bring a blanket and move your dinner table to your closest park. It will guaranteed be a more memorable dinner.


  2. Start A Project

    Have you always wanted to write a book? Paint? Run a marathon? Summer exists for these type of things – days are longer, nights are shorter and your energy is on top. Take advantage of this and go create!

  3. Weekends = Mini-Holidays

    You get two days off, every week – use them wisely. Get up early saturday morning, pack a picnic bag and go explore. We wrote a whole blog post on how to be a tourist in your own city, check it out here.


  4. Bring Everything Outside

    Okay, so it’s not just dinner that you can bring outside these hot, amazing days we call summer. You can practically do everything you normally do inside, outside. (Well, almost everything) So exercise, read, eat, write, work, relax and hang with friends outside. Carpe diem, folks.