7 Reasons To Read Every Day This Summer

by Cornelia

Summer is almost here. And we have listed why reading 10-15 minutes every morning this summer is a good thing. We know you you still haven’t opened that paperback book you got for Christmas. If you’re waiting for a sign – this is it.


  1. Get Your Morning Routine Started

    Science says it takes you 21 or 66 days to form a habit. Bright mornings with coffee and a good book is the perfect time to start. Whether it takes you three or ten weeks – start right away and you will have your routine set for summer.


  2. One More Reason To Wake Up Happy

    Knowing you’ll get to continue reading your current new obsession will make it easier to not hit snooze 10 times – guaranteed.



  3. Increase Your Brain Capacity

    It’s a known fact that reading will increase your vocabulary, make you smarter and improve your memory. Fiction or non-fiction doesn’t really matter, read and you will get smarter.


  4. Stay Focused And Relaxed

    Starting your day with 10-15 minutes of reading will kick-start your day. You will not only feel refreshed, you will be alert and relaxed. Try it, we promise it works.


  5. An Excuse To Stock Up Your Library

    Yes, we know eReaders exist. Although we’re cheering on digitizing information for a smarter and more flexible society, there is something about the charm of an analogue book. And a well-stocked book shelf will make your home cozier. Pro tip: color coordinate your books!



  6. Me Time

    Losing yourself in an amazing story is more than enjoyable, it’s important. With all the stuff going on around you at work, home, school and other projects – setting aside time for you alone is important.

  7. Feed Your Intellect

    As mentioned, reading makes you smarter. There’s an gigantic universe of different books out there, why let them be undiscovered? Go to your local library and ask for tips, you will surely leave with at least one good book.