6 Hacks to Stop Procrastinating

by Cornelia

These hacks will keep you from procrastinating.

Let’s be honest, you probably have something important to do right now but you’re stuck or can’t bring yourself to start with it so you came here. One of these hacks will probably help you so you’ve come to the right place!

Interval Training

How to improve your conditioning and how to stop procrastinating – basically the same theory applies. Set up intervals, high and low, for when to work intensely and when to give yourself a break. Of course, the high intensity intervals should be longer. 10 minutes work, 2 minutes break, 5 times, is a classic one that adds up to one hour.


Don’t Work From Home

We know the idea of working from home is a bit romanticized but you won’t get anything done. There are simply too many distractions when working from home and if you’re usually a procrastinator, you won’t be able to handle this. Go to a coffee shop or somewhere you can’t do anything but what you’re supposed to do.


Hide Your Phone

This seems like an obvious one but just seeing your phone, even if it’s turned upside down, will be a distraction to most people. Even keeping it in your pocket will be distracting. So put it somewhere you won’t see it or be able to use it until it’s break time. Thank us later!

Avoid Checking Emails and Social Media

Another one that you’ve probable heard before but we can’t emphasize enough the importance of not being on social media while working. Again, you will have breaks for this later. Even checking your emails will get you out of focus.

Organize Your Workspace (Minimize Distractions)

It’s a known fact that we work better with a less messy working space. But don’t get us wrong, by organizing we mean setting up a system rather than tidying your desk and desktop regularly. Because organizing could actually be a way of procrastinating. So set up folders and put things where they’re supposed to be, that way you will find them easier and separate work from personal life.


Prioritize and Set Up Deadlines

Define your biggest priorities for the first half of the day and for the second half of the day. Give yourself a limited time to finish the tasks on your list and stick to the work-break-schedule you’ve set up for yourself. It’s possible some tasks will take longer than you’ve expected – reschedule and stick to your new plan. You need to be consistent and flexible to work effectively without procrastinating. This is key.