5 Productivity Tools We Use Daily

by Cornelia

We all have productivity tools that we use on a daily basis that help us move forward in life.

One of the main reasons Simpliday was established was a yearning to make the day more simplified. Our Co-Founders Johan Gunnars and Sebastian Mutsson noticed that they were both putting reminders mixed in with their meetings. They didn’t like the idea of “app-hopping” just to keep these two tools working together. Enter Simpliday – The All-In-One Calendar which now embodies your reminders, meetings, and email all in one place. When you work in an office you search for the best productivity tools to keep the company working as efficient as possible.

Here are a handful of productivity tools we us on a daily basis. With these and Simpliday you will be on route to an empowered day!


This is one of the most respected and well known productivity apps around. It is one of the leaders in cloud-based storage options. The app launched in the early days of the iPhone back in 2009. They were championed back then as the best way to back up and share your photos. Apple did not have a great option for it back then. Now it has grown to the point of it being a household name people recognize. We use it on a daily basis here at Simpliday. We couldn’t live with out the quick syncing and the ease of sharing links to specific files or folders. Did you know you can sync your Dropbox with Simpliday to share files on meetings, reminders, and email?


Social media analytics, scheduling that is simple and straight to the point. The user interface is very minimal and that’s where Buffer shines. Schedule in advance and check your posts by list or by our favorite option – the calendar view. It gives you a great overview of how the rest of your month will be setup. Where Hootsuite – a competitor to Buffer – is very bulky in design buffer takes that and throws it in the garbage can. Simplicity makes this tool very powerful and easy to use. They recently added a great feature for Instagram scheduling and analytics. One of the best places to help with your social media strategy is the Buffer blog – tons of tips on social sites and using Buffer.


Like Slack and Trello put together with a better Flow – if you will. Flow brings together your tasks, in a calendar view that makes it easy to see when projects are due. Each task has a checklist and comment section. This helps to collaborate on a group project. It also has a chat feature that you can speak directly to a colleague about an issue directly. We use this with the team to collaborate on projects and meet certain deadlines efficiently. The calendar view is one of our favorite features – duh.


Dare we say it? Slack made a chat platform cool to use. It is perfect for teams small in size to very large companies. It is about getting work done and as efficiently as possible. The best part about being productivity in the smartphone era is the amount an app is compatible with another service. You can connect a large group of services to it for added value. These “Apps & Integrations” are found on their site and can be added straight from your desktop. From Trello, Glance and Giphy – well the GIFs aren’t that productive, but who doesn’t enjoy a cat GIF every once and awhile.

One of our favorites to use with Slack is Glancebot.


Speaking of Glance – what better time than now to introduce one of our favorite analytics tools. Also, like Simpliday, Glance is based out of Malmo, Sweden. Glance is your analytics for your personal website and social platforms all in one place. Now the problem with all of this data lately is that it is tough to see what the results are and how you are performing. With Glance you get just that, a glance at your data. Did you go up 10 followers on Twitter? No problem you can have Glancebot send you daily reports on followers, likes, the amount you are tweeting, and more directly into Slack. Easy to use and the team at Glance answer very quickly with any support issues. We expect big things from this startup in the future!

Have any tools that are must haves for being productive? Let us know about them.