5 Innovative Startups From Sweden

by Cornelia

Sweden has a history of producing A LOT of innovative apps and startups and it seems like we won’t stop delivering new, innovative concepts. We have listed a few of our current favorites below. What’s your favorite startup?

  1. Wünderchef

    The airbnb of food: this company basically let’s you order home cooked food, from a private person, to your doorstep. Tired of your local go to thai restaurant or want to pamper your taste buds with something new? Try this service, we’ve heard it’s a really smooth and fun way of deciding what to have for dinner.


  2. DigitalTolk

    Inspired by the refugee crisis, Virpal Singh and Leyla Sarac founded the startup DigitalTolk, an app that connects freelance interpreters with customers. “The public sector and healthcare in Sweden has had trouble getting hold of skilled interpreters in good time, which means that you have used Google’s translation service, or tried to make the best of it,” says Virpal Singh.


  3. Natural Cycles

    Natural Cycles is a fertility monitor that can track your period, when you’re fertile and predict your ovulation days. It’s the ultimate fertility and menstrual calendar and it’s completely hormone free – read more about it here.


  4. KRY

    For all those who suffer from hypochondria – and for everyone who doesn’t. Your health is what’s most important and this app let’s you meet the doctor through your phone, wherever you are. You can get advice, recipes and or referral to further care through KRY. It’s like a regular doctor’s visit but from home. Extremely helpful and innovative, go KRY!


  5. Simpliday

    We couldn’t help but put ourselves on the list. Have you ever before seen a smoother, smarter or better looking calendar? We are aiming to be your best calendar experience ever and we have some exciting new things coming up so stay tuned!!