3 Daily To-Do’s For Your Health

by Cornelia

These five things will make you a healthier, happier person. You’ve probably read about one million articles telling you how you’re supposed to live your life to become happy. And yes, here comes another one. Joking aside, we have some really good tips for you on things you can actually do and achieve, every day, that will make you, if not happier, then at least healthier.

  • Drink. Your. Water.

    Let’s start with the basics. You, as a human being, need your H2O to survive. It’s a known fact, look it up. Also, water have these really good attributes of moisturizing your skin, making colds go away and curing headaches. So carry a bottle of agua with you wherever you go, fill it up when it’s empty and make it a habit.

  • “Do not disturb”

    We know you don’t want to miss that really important email or cute 1am snapchat but always, always, put your phone on do not disturb mode when you’re going to bed. Having your phone next to you and waking up from the vibrations in the middle of your REM sleep really messes with your recovering. Even if it doesn’t wake you up, just knowing that at any time it could buzz will make your sleep cycle less optimized. So, put your health before keeping up with your Instagram feed and turn it off.


  • Don’t stress about trivial stuff

    Change The Things You Can’t Accept, And Accept The Things You Can’t Change. They don’t call it a cliche for nothing. Does it really matter that you watched four episodes of Stranger Things instead of doing your laundry today? Or that you took that joke too far and made everyone cringe? No, probably not. Drop it, let it go and get to what’s more important – like what are you going to cook for dinner or how can you contribute to world peace?