21 Podcasts to Listen to on Vacation

by Cornelia

Podcasts are a daily part of our days here at Simpliday. Sometimes we just don’t have enough time in the day to listen to them all.

This is why we put together a list of Podcasts you can listen to while on your vacation.


1. My Brother My Brother and Me

Comedy advice show for the modern era by three brothers Travis, Justin and Griffin McElroy. They take the questions seriously, but the answers – well not so much. Most questions come from the bottomless pit that is Yahoo answers. Most answers come from the the hilarious minds of these sweet baby boys.

2. This American Life

This podcast is very well know since its start. One of the most prominent since the start of podcast themselves. It is themed episodes with variety of stories on that specific theme. Most stories are journalism with occasional comedy routine or essay format host by Ira Glass. They frequently will release a older episode from the vault to inform the audience about past episodes and how things were dealt with after. You can spend your time tanning while catching up on old episodes.

3. Serial

From the creators of This American Life, and hosted by Sarah Koenig Serial tells a true story over the course of a season. They follow the plot and character wehever they take them. You learn and can formulate your own hypothesis of the story with each new episode. Since the stories are true and continually being investigated progress continues to be made. For example – we don’t want to spoil anything – but since the first season aired the main protagonist of the season has seen progress in his court case being reopened for retrial. You can follow weekly or binge listen the same way you would binge watch your favorite shows on Netflix.

4. Stuff You Should Know

Stuff you should know is pretty self explanitory right from the title. They dig a bit deeper into facts and history of things you already knew about, but maybe didn’t quite get the whole picture. You might find you had no idea about something in particular, but the insight and research are what make this podcast stand out.

5. The Moth

True stories told live by different people each episode. From funny anecdotes to tear jerkers about life and struggles – The Moth is a podcast that can be relatable on many levels to their audience.

6. All Songs Considered

The program is a source of discovery for new music of all genres. Looking for some new music to listen to, but want some more info than just the band name or album – than All Songs is the best place for you. Grab a cold drink and jam out to some of the best new music out.

7. Nerdist

Hosted by US TV personality Chris Hardwick – The Nerdist is a weekly interview show on “what it really means to be a nerd”. Where most will think that word has a negative conotation Hardwick and his team have fully embraced it and what being a nerd really means. It’s not just Star Wars and computers – it is also about

Comics, Movies TV all types of media for … NERDS Latest episode of David Schwimmer of Friends.

8. Startup

Everything you need to know about the startups and the startup community. From the ground up to the moment when startups are ready for the next big step the insight and information provided here is a must listen for any entrepreneur!

9. Cool Games Inc

Griffin McElroy from My Brother My Brother and Me and Nick Robinson both from Polygon develop video games in this hilarious podcast. It is for the most part a video game development podcast taking audience submissions on games – in reality they just riff on random ideas, pretend to make the game, then follow up the next week on how terrible it was. They get better with every episode. Example game: “Grandma wants it al dente: Grandma needs it al dente” A cooking game about making your grandma the perfect pasta. You can only only play it with your grandma. Don’t have one – then you can’t play.

10. The Bugle

John Oliver podcast with his close friend Andy Zaltzman which has been around since 2007. He is now famous for his HBO show Last Week Tonight – the newer episodes going forward will have a rotation of comedians rotating in as guest podcasters with Andy. Political and witty comedy podcast covering all topics like politics, war, and relevant news headlines.

For our Swedish audience we hand picked some of our favorite Swedish podcasts. Now that you are away from the rainy unpredictable weather. Catch some sun and work on your tan while listening to these great podcasts.

1. Sommar i P1

Different summer hosts are invited to tell an important story and talk about their lives. This is a very popular Swedish podcasts and for many people a sign that the summer has begun. If you haven’t listened to it already, try it! You’ll hear many unexpected stories from different people.

2. Fredagspodden

Sisters Hanna Widell and Amanda Schulman invite us into their exciting everyday lives. They discuss how it was growing up as sisters, the Stockholm life and much more.

3. Alex och Sigge

Alex Schulman and Sigge Eklund talk about everything from philosophy to Zara Larsson.

4. Lilla Drevet

A satire podcast broadcast every Friday, with a summer break though, so if you haven’t listened before – time to catch up on a really fun and educating podcast.

5. Flora och Frida

Flora Wiström and Frida Vega Salomonsson, two women from Stockholm working in freelance; Flora as a writer and Frida as a photographer. They talk about different topics in every episode, related to their lives as young feminists living in Stockholm.

6. Creepypodden

Sweden’s first horror story podcast. Perfect for your country house stay or road trip this summer. You might want to listen with someone else though, this podcast is actually really scary!

7. Digitalpodden

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you don’t need to be up to date with the latest news in tech and startup business – this podcasts will provide you with all you need to know, everything from iOS 10 latest updates and new apps to how companies build their business models. Very interesting!

8. Filosofiska rummet i P1

A philosophy podcast where experts within their field are invited to discuss different relevant topics. We are sure you will find something in here you find interesting – check the link and see for yourself!

9. Värvet

Kristoffer Triumf interviews different famous Swedes in a personal, down to earth way. If you want to get to know your favorite Swede in a new way, listen to Triumf interviewing her/him, we always get to hear new stories from the people he talk with. Except from the one with Sweden’s previous Prime Minister, he was a bit tougher to crack open.

10. P3 Dokumentär

Documentaries about well-known Swedish (often) tragedies. The podcast aims to dig deeper into what has happened.

11. Ångestpodden

This podcast discuss openly about mental illness; something that everyone has experienced but maybe not talked about. We really recommend this podcast!