The All-In-One Calendar

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Calendar and reminders – in one

The people you meet and the things you need to get done – side–by-side in the same app. The best way to make sure nothing gets missed.

Manage your reminders in your laptop calendar

With Simpliday, it’s calendar and reminders in one – where ever you are! Meetings and reminders side-by-side in both the app and the laptop/desktop calendar you already use. Create a reminder on the laptop – mark it as done on your iPhone. Managing your day has never been easier!

Simpliday mobile preview
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The best-looking invitations around

Simpliday is the easiest way to create beautiful invitations for your meetings, workshops, dinners, parties and events – enough with the bad-looking invitations! Invite your colleagues and friends through SMS, facebook or email. Simply beautiful

  • Nice dinner party invitations
  • Great meeting invitations
  • Personalized invitations

The best part?

It makes getting through the day easier and makes sure nothing gets missed.
Oh, and it’s free. Enjoy!

Available for download on iTunes store in Canada, Ireland and United States.

Try it now

All your meetings and reminders on start

The app automatically fetches your scheduled meetings and reminders when you start the app the first time. Pending your ”ok”, needless to say.

Personalize your invitations

Send beautiful invitations through SMS, facebook or email. Choose between
20+ themes

Choose your own background

Choose a picture you’ve taken yourself or use one of the beautiful backgrounds that comes with the app

Share reminders with others

Easily share reminders with any colleague, friend or group

Your inbox made smart

Convert emails into meetings or reminders in a second!

Interaction that makes sense

Schedule a reminder or save it for later by simple drag-’n-drop gestures

Attach files to meetings

Quickly add files from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud. Everything you need for the meeting… already in the meeting.

Flexible lists

Checklists, numbered lists, bullet lists, notes – everything you need to handle your lists efficiently

What people say

  • “I love the vision of this app. Imagine having a common place for your meetings, todos and email. Sounds good to me… I like the visuals, the calming backgrounds, the “one stop shop” for all my important scheduling info.”

  • ”…I’m so glad because it is a great app I highly recommend it!”

    - Deborah
  • ”…I have been looking for an integrated todo app for a long time.”

    - Rafhere
  • ”…It’s a great planner. I love the look and layout of it”

    - Ginny
  • “Have been looking for an app like this forever… Anyways, very simple, user friendly and efficient. Props to you :)”

    - Fhru
  • “Beautiful, simple app. Love being able to add my own background! Also great to have reminders in the same place as events”

  • “Very nice product.”

    Edgard V.